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Allianz Banque investors

Allianz Banque
Investors Information

Allianz Banque is a fully owned subsidiary of Allianz France, and is part of Allianz, the leading worldclass financial services group. More than 5 million customers trust Allianz France which ensures their protection, along with their families, properties and savings.

Fully integrated within Allianz France business organization and relying on its multi-channel built-in infrastructure, Allianz Banque contributes to make Allianz France a full-range provider of financial services.

In this respect, Allianz Banque focuses on banking services complementing insurance products and services, and especially designed to fit the needs of affluent+ and high net worth Allianz France clients.

As such, Allianz Banque contributes to the group's commercial offering :

  • Retail loans :
    - Life Insurance backed loans as an alternative to Life Insurance redemption.
    - Real estate loans, especially supporting tax-incentive real estate investments proposed by Allianz France.
  • Financial investments complementary to life insurance: UCITS, Private Equity funds…
  • Savings accounts and usual banking services.
  • Manager-guided funds and asset allocation for unit-linked Life Insurance

Allianz Banque is rated by Standard & Poor's, and benefits from rating amongst the bests within French banking sector.
Allianz Banque strategy relies on a strong functional and operational integration within Allianz France, strengthened since 2013 through its belonging to Allianz Patrimoine - the Allianz France transversal structure which federates Group expertises to address the needs of its affluent+ and high net worth clients.

In this respect, Allianz Banque existence as a distinct legal entity is directly due to regulatory requirements concerning banking activities. Allianz Banque financial rating is thus closely linked to Allianz SE rating.

Allianz SE is rated by Standard & Poor's, Moody's and AM Best agencies.

Counterparty Credit Rating :
Certificate of Deposit :
Senior Unsecured :
A+/Surveillance nég/A-1
A+/Perspective nég/A-1